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A Celebration of Southeast
Queens Authors
Saturday, July 22, 2017
1 pm–6 pm
Queens Library at Cambria Heights

218-13 Linden Boulevard

Many authors call Southeast Queens their home. Join us in celebrating a few of our literary lights. Some of our authors have an extensive publishing pedigree. Others are the proud creators of their first work. Readers of every age will find their favorite subject or story. Support and salute them in their beloved neighborhood! Their books will be available for sale and signing.


2:00 pm

Youth Panel 1

Chae E. Blount, Jamee-Marie Edwards, Ama Karikari-Yawson, Carol Osborne

2:30 pm

Let the Voices of the Poets Be Heard

Jacqueline Carr, Barbara Haskins-Scott, Earnest Hudson, Jr.

3:00 pm

Youth Panel 2

Laura Blair, Frantz Derenoncourt, Jr., Diane M. Warmsley

3:30 pm

Resiliency Through the Stories of our Struggles

Toni Coleman Brown, Terryl Ebony, Julia Shaw

4:00 pm

Marketing and Public Relations - Getting to Where You Dream to Be

Karen Taylor Bass, Louise Manigault, Faye Thompson, Eva Tremaine

Participating Authors

Karen Taylor Bass

Author Statement

“I have created the best “how to” blueprint with a step by step guide for entrepreneurs, small business owners, women, moms and millennials to score strategic public relations on a shoestring budget. My books provide the necessary tools to create thought provoking, smart and imaginative campaigns using Public Relations/Branding as an empowerment tool to engage, disrupt and communicate.”

Laura Blair

Author Statement

“I aspire to continually make things better. I believe that communication is key and that transmitting positive messages is one way to achieve that goal.”

Chae E. Blount

Author Statement

“I wrote my books to inspire children all around the world to love reading and to write books of their own.”

Toni Coleman Brown

Author Statement

“I am on a mission to fulfill my God-ordained purpose of changing the lives of millions.”

Jacqueline Carr

Author Statement

“The collection of poems is an easy read for people of all ages. The language is simplistic in its profundity. Unlike other books of poems, these consist of a series of inspirational and biblical quotes which appropriately “tie in” and precede most of the poems. All of the poems are relatable and insightful. They are about every day challenges, and expecting positive results. These poems will you cause for pause: some will make you smile, while others are thought provoking in their analogies.”

Frantz Derenoncourt, Jr.

Author Statement

“I write to bring light to our forgotten ancestors that fought bravely to free oppressed people of color everywhere.”

Terryl Ebony

Author Statement

“Find, Embrace and Live in Your Purpose”

Jamee-Marie Edwards

Author Statement

“I write from a place of deep passion and commitment to producing the highest possible quality of children’s literature.”

Barbara Haskins-Scott

Author Statement

“Two of my core beliefs are ignorance is a weapon of mass-destruction and if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”

Earnest Hudson, Jr.

Author Statement

“I have always believed that the purpose of any person is to sincerely work towards one’s own self-actualization. I have been fortunate that the creative arts have afforded me the opportunity to create and share those thoughts and emotions that lie deep inside my being. If others can get something from my sharing, then that’s an incredible experience of which I am extremely proud to be a part!”

Louise Manigault

Author Statement

“I write to create a universal fellowship/community of persons bound together and guided by the Spirit of God.”

Carol Osborne

Author Statement

“I use my God-given writing ability and unique creativity to solve problems and to add beauty to the world.”

Julia Shaw

Author Statement

“I have been blessed to be a change agent and very passionate about making a difference. Guiding others to publish and share their stories is a dream come true.”

Faye Thompson

Author Statement

“Creativity has its privileges. Utilize your God-given gift to shift life’s negatives into positives and change the game. Whatever hand you’ve been dealt, work that hand. Don’t sit on your fabulousness!”

Eva Tremaine

Author Statement

“Your beginning does not dictate your end.”

Diane M. Warmsley

Author Statement

My commitment to develop young folk along these lines is aptly expressed in a quote by Henry Ward Beecher: “There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots, the other, is wings.” So, I am committed to seeing that the next generation is empowered, engaged and strengthened in their sense of self (roots) and their agency to produce a meaningful life (educational wings).

Ama Karikari-Yawson

Author Statement

“My goal is to use storytelling as a vehicle to empower people to live their best lives while improving the world.”

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