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Short, But Not-So-Sweet
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Read Submitted Stories of Romance Gone Wrong

"I met him in sixth grade. We dated all through junior high. We went to different high schools and stopped seeing each other. He married a girl who looks just like me and has two beautiful daughters with her. I think of him all the time and run into him sometimes when I visit home. I will always love him and the man he has become and wonder what might have been."

– Danielle D.

"I met him at the market, during my lunch break. I walked into his store, and we got to chatting. From then on, I often stopped by his store during my lunch break each week. After a couple of months, we eventually went out, and I ended up having my first kiss that night. We met every week for a couple of months, and things seemed to be going rather swell. I couldn’t offer too much, as my own life was a bit hectic at that point, but it seemed that we were both content with no labels and with how this situation was turning out."

– L. S.

"This was my son's story. He was dating a girl in the 9th grade. They were school mates and after a while, the girl really liked him. I had also met the girl too and her parents after the school. He bought her gifts and candies. One day he came home and very sad, we knew he had broken up with by his girlfriend. We found a letter from her that actually she just wanted to meet his friend that was the reason she became close to him. It took us a while to explain to him it was too early to date and there are lots more good girls out there."

– Helina C.

"After going out with someone for almost three years, he told me he met someone else on the Staten Island Ferry."

– Carol V.

"It seemed to work out for a while, but then for some reason he started being cold to me.
Story: I thought this guy was it. I was introduced to someone by a co-worker who thought we would be great together. It seemed to work out for a while, but then for some reason he started being cold to me. The moment of truth came when we went out (for what I realized later on) was our last date. I was heartbroken. Long story short, after that I was at a wedding and was a bridesmaid and bashert (Jewish kind of custom) that I caught the bride's bouquet and then some time after met the man that became my husband of 29 1/2 years. We will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary on July 7, 2017."

– Madeline C.

"I didn't think this part of my journey with you was over yet.
Story: That part of my journey ended, with you just up and leaving after 3 years together. Never did I think I did anything wrong along the way. I didn't think this part of my journey with you was over yet. But you thought so, and so you left. You couldn't even tell me why you left. My journey will still continue, and I intend on completing it, but I'll do so without you."

– Jose H.

"Love: What a powerful word, what a strong feeling that one is capable to have. You may feel overjoyed with butterflies in your stomach, can't sleep, eat always thinking about that someone special. Until one day a rupture takes place and one again you can't sleep, eat and think of no one else. Now there is a empty space in my heart of loneliness."

– Miriam S.

Broken Heart Week is made possible (in part) by the Queens Council on the Arts with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.